Erotic artwork by Jen
Volpe/Federico drabble

Fuck me,” Federico groaned, panting desperately against the wall to which he was pressed. A breathy chuckle tickled the back of his neck, the resonant but lilting voice of his partner filling his ears with promises while he ached for a more physical fulfillment. Teasing fingers had prepared him over an almost tortuously drawn-out foreplay, his thighs were slick with sweet smelling oil and his heavy unattended erection throbbed, occasionally brushing painfully against the normally smooth feeling surface of marble masonry that now felt like sandpaper. “C’mon,” he goaded, “I know it’s a bit harder for a man of your age to deliver, but I think it’s been long en-ah!" the words were lost in a guttural cry as the other man’s hard cock finally penetrated him.

Ah- you brat,” the older man grunted, pushing himself deeper as his young lover whined eagerly.

Sssfffuckyes, ahaha, I love your vanity,” Federico grinned broadly and braced himself, enjoying the vigorous reward he’d earned.

"I will teach you some patience eventually…"

Ungh h.. mh… guh… s…

"… Ah… ha… were there… supposed to be words in that?”

"Mnhfuck….ffffuuck… y.. yhh… ah coming..!

"… Agh… youth!

"Shhgfffll ah ah unh!


Sweat stung the younger man’s eyes, his chest heaved and he craned his neck to beam over his shoulder. “I knew you’d catch up.”

The violet-ringed pupils that met Federico’s gaze were almost hazy for a moment before regaining the keenness of their usual composure. “I suspected that you would not last long,” the taller man countered, delivering a sharp smack to the sweat-slick flank of his partner.


Federico savored the spread of the tingling sensation, wondering hopefully if he would come away with a hand print, then winced at the emptiness as his enigmatic lover unceremoniously withdrew. He shook his shaggy brown-black hair back from his eyes and glanced about his surroundings. “D’you recall where my tunic fell? I should really get dressed… my father will wonder where I’ve been,” he added with a sly smile.

He’ll know,” the older man responded coolly and smirked, already prepared for a stealthy departure, his clothing unruffled, as if it had never been disturbed.